Don’t Stress About Finding A Rental Property After Your Short Sale

Did you know that after you do a short sale on your property, you are unable to purchase a home again for two to three years? Many homeowners often worry about where they’re going to live and if they will have trouble finding a new home. Knowing what happens after your short sale is approved can help you make the initial decision of whether or not you are actually going to do a short sale.

If you have a Denver short sale realtor that is helping you through the short sale process, once your short sale is approved, the short sale realtor will either help you find a place to live or put you in contact with someone that can. They will assess your family’s needs in terms in living space and requirements and your budget to help you find the most accommodating rental property available. There isn’t any reason to worry about not being able to find a rental home to live in. Short sale realtors are not only trained in successfully completing a short sale; they are also trained in helped their sellers find a decent place to live after-the-fact.

Many times people have no choice in having to short sell their home; whether it be job loss, medical problems, or a family situation, doing a short sale shouldn’t have any affect on you personally. When you find a new place to live, your short sale realtor can explain the situation to the rental agency or landlord. With the number of foreclosures and short sale dramatically increasing in the past few years, many renters have, in fact, lost their home to foreclosure or done a short sale.

Trying to find a new place to live won’t be a hassle if you work with a Denver short sale realtor that is experienced in all facets of the short sale process. If you are worried that doing a short sale will keep you from finding a new home, contact a short sale realtor today.

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