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Who Pays The Fees And Commissions In A Short Sale?

Many times when beginning to work with a short sale specialist or when learning about the short sale process, what happens at the end of the process and at closing doesn’t always come up right away, even though it’s one of the most important steps in a short sale. There...
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Short Sale Hardships – Do I Have To Be Late On My Mortgage?

Many distressed homeowners that are considering a short sale often wonder if they have to be late on their mortgage to complete a short sale. According to many Las Vegas short sale realtors, the simple answer is no. There have been some cases where a homeowner will complete a short...
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Are There Tax Consequences With A Short Sale?

If you have been working with a San Diego short sale realtor about short selling your home, you may already be aware that there are possible tax consequences in regards to doing a short sale. This shouldn’t scare you away and keep you from short selling your home however. Although...
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