You Can Short Sale While Going Through A Divorce

One of the most difficult situations in which short sale specialists have to do a short sale is when a couple is going through a divorce. Although this is actually quite common, when the couple involved aren’t on the best of terms and want to sell their property, it can be hard for them to come to an agreement on the terms of the sale. Sometimes, one spouse isn’t willing to short sale the property, even though neither spouse can afford it on their own. This is when it’s best to let a short sale specialist step in and take over. A majority of the time, an unwilling spouse is more than likely willing to short sale their home after talking with a short sale specialist because the specialist can reason with them and explain to them the benefits of doing a short sale while going through a divorce.

Some individuals going through a divorce often wonder if divorce is even a legitimate hardship and we’re here to tell you that it is. Going through a divorce can cause some major financial issues in some couples and, as previously mentioned, they may not be able to afford the home with only one spouse living in it.

A lender would much rather agree to a short sale with a couple that is currently divorcing instead of waiting a few months and having to foreclose on the property because one spouse was unable to make the payments.

If you are currently going through a divorce and feel as if you need to sell your property, we highly recommend that you contact a Las Vegas short sale specialist right away. Even if, at this time, your spouse is not willing to agree to a short sale, a short sale specialist can hopefully change their mind. Don’t delay further. Contact a Las Vegas short sale specialist today for more information.

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