Chase Bank Offering Monetary Incentives On Short Sales

Are you seeking the help of a short sale realtor in Denver because you are curious if Chase Bank will allow a short sale on your home? Maybe you have heard a few things through the grapevine about monetary incentives and short sales with Chase and you’re wondering whether or not they are true. According to Denver short sale realtors, Chase Bank is actually reaching out to their clients that are underwater on their property or behind on their mortgage payments and encouraging them to short sale their homes.

Chase has realized that it saves them money to approve a short sale on their properties instead of foreclosing on them and because of this they are taking it one step further. They are actually reaching out to some of their customers and asking them to short sale their properties; they are even offering them money to do so. Many short sale realtors in the area are currently working Chase short sale files and have enlightened us as to how Chase is reaching out to their customers.

Basically, Chase is sending out letters to their homeowners that they feel are eligible for a short sale because they are underwater on their property or are behind on their payments. In the letter it details how much money Chase will give the homeowner if they have their home listed and a short sale completed by a certain date. Some homeowners are even being granted full deficiency waivers in these letters as well.

If you have a Chase Bank mortgage but haven’t received a letter encouraging you to short sale your home, contact a Denver short sale realtor immediately. They can contact Chase for you and see if you are eligible for their short sale incentive program. If you have received one of these letters from Chase Bank but have yet to start the short sale process, please contact a short sale realtor to get the ball rolling. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this!

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