Pending Foreclosure Sale Date? You Can Still Do Something About It!

If you are currently in the middle of the foreclosure process and have a pending auction date, you may be wishing that you had done something about your difficult financial situation a little bit sooner. Maybe you think it’s too late and that you’ve run out of time to utilize any of your foreclosure alternatives. This is where you’re wrong! Even if you have a foreclosure sale date coming up in the near future, it’s never too late to reach out to a San Diego short sale expert and see what options are still available to you. In some short sale expert’s opinions, almost anything is better than foreclosure, so what have you got to lose?

If you only have a few days left until your auction date, the only real alternative available to stop the foreclosure process is filing for bankruptcy. Many people aren’t crazy about this idea, which is quite understandable. If you do have a few weeks or months left, however, there is still time to get a short sale completed on your home. If you contact a San Diego short sale expert to get the process started, you could possibly get your foreclosure sale date postponed or stopped altogether. If you qualify for a government program, such as HAMP or HAFA that’s a very good chance that you could avoid foreclosure once your file is reviewed.

One important thing to remember is that it’s never too late and it’s always okay to get help from a short sale expert. It can be hard to accept the fact that your financial situation isn’t the best at this point in time, but allowing your home to got to foreclosure isn’t going to make the situation that much better. If you choose to work with an experienced San Diego short sale expert, they can help you negotiate away your debt and help you begin a new, better financial chapter in your life.

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