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Reasons To Avoid Foreclosure

Most (hopefully all) homeowners know that losing your home to foreclosure isn’t really the best thing to happen to you, even if it’s out of your control. But why is this? What impact does a foreclosure have on a person? According to San Diego short sale specialists, there are a...
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Chase Bank Offering Monetary Incentives On Short Sales

Are you seeking the help of a short sale realtor in Denver because you are curious if Chase Bank will allow a short sale on your home? Maybe you have heard a few things through the grapevine about monetary incentives and short sales with Chase and you’re wondering whether or...
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GMAC And Chapter 11 Shouldn’t Affect Your Short Sale

It’s been in the news recently that GMAC has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and many Las Vegas homeowners that are considering a short sale or are in the process of one are wondering how this is going to affect them. One would think that a lender filing for bankruptcy would...
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