• Can I See Some Examples?

    The calculator website that is included with all the marketing systems can be customized with your logo, bio, photos, colors and video. You don’t have worry about configuring your website initially; our team takes care of that. Take a look at some examples below:

  • Where Do The Leads Go?

    The leads are sent directly to your email inbox and if we have integrated with your autoresponder the lead will go directly into your database as well.

  • Do I Have To Make A Custom Video?

    While you don’t need a personalized video, we strongly suggest it. Why? Because in the customer business of real estate, people work with who they know, like and trust. Making a personalized video will put you one step ahead. Thus, while we will provide you with a video, we would suggest that you personalize your video.

  • Can It Be Integrated With My Current System?

    Yes, your short or stay calculator can be integrated with almost any autoresponder that is on the market today.

  • How Accurate Are the Estimates?

    The estimate comes from the website called Zillow. The main thing to keep in mind is that our system gives an estimate so you can start dialogue with the home owners. It is not an actual appraisal. The systems was designed to be a lead-generation marketing tool.

  • Can I Make Changes to the Content?

    Yes, you are in complete control of all the content on your ShortOrStay Calculator website. You can change anything you want, including the video. We also added a blogging feature so that you can provide homeowners with an information you see necessary.

  • Are You Marketing For Me?

    We create all the marketing tools for you, but no – we are not marketing on your behalf. Everything is predesigned for you to enable you to market in whatever medium you see fit. Simply customize the predesigned pieces to your specific brand and/or information and you’ll be on your way.

  • Do You Do the Printing and Mailing?

    We can update the direct mail information for you for a nominal fee. However, when it comes to printing and mailing, we have found that most real estate agents already have someone they use in their local area. But, if you don’t have anyone you use specifically, we can certainly help you out with printing and mailing services.

  • How Long to Setup?

    Setup for your personal ShortOrStay Calcultaor takes just one or two business days. After your purchase, you will receive a checklist with a few specific items that we will need to customize your website. Once we have received the items from that checklist, your ShortOrStay Calculator should be ready for marketing within one or two business days.

  • What is the Pricing?

    All the pricing packages are outlined on the pricing page.  We’ve priced this amazing lead generation tool to help you see an immediate ROI. There is a small setup fee plus a nominal monthly fee.